Inky Escapades

Inky Escapades

My website is currently under reconfiguration and I will be back and taking orders on May 30th 2024.

Video TutorialHorace the Hedgehog Video links plus 1kg PowertexFull Craft Project pack and Pigments and varnish

This project is not for the faint hearted it is quite painstaking and perhaps not a good choice for a 1st Powertex Project

In this extensive step by step video I will lead you through the creation of the Armature

How to cover the armature in Powertex soaked fabric

And finally through the colouring process

this video is filmed in real time not speeded up

You can complete this project in your own home at your own pace

you may email me any questions you have relating to this project

We can supply the video only with a partial project pack or complete with the Powertex Universal Medium

When I have been notified you have purchased this tutorial I will email you the Tutorial Brochure, Authors notes which outline what you will be sent and what you need to assemble yourself to complete this project also the Video links within one day

The parcel with the kit will be sent within two days



Wire for legs

Polystyrene oval for head

beads for eyes – brush for Powertex – medium gloves

fabric for body and Cotton Yarn for spines

Made up Stone Art Clay for Features

Pigment colours and 10ml Easy varnish – Choose 4

Email me for a list of colours