Inky Escapades

Inky Escapades

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Mixed Media Canvas Workshop Alice In Wonderland Rice Paper 40cm Round


Come and create one of these fabulous Pictures.

Many Materials uses and various techniques using 3D Flex. structure paste and Powertex fabric sculpting to create an extremely textured picture.

In each of these projects I will lead you through the process step by step adding the rice paper picture.

Then any of the design processes which include 3D Flex, Stone Art Clay etc.

In this particular design we will try to emulate the design and colours of the rice paper

These are multi layered processes and take time to build up the layers.

You can choose any paper and any colours you like. I can also give you the website address for the company I use for my Rice Papers and you can choose and order your own. Alternatively you may choose from the ones I have in stock on the day

Long Day 10:00am until 4:00pm/5:00pm.

2 persons minimum.

This Project is also available as a Video Tutorial via my Subscription Membership Club