Inky Escapades

Inky Escapades

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Horace the Hedgehog Fabric Sculpting Workshop

This project is not for the faint hearted it is quite painstaking and perhaps not a good choice for a 1st Powertex Project

In this extensive workshop I will lead you through the process step by step to create the armature, add the fabric, spines and stone art clay features and finally the colouring process which is always the Wow! factor in Powertex.

3 sessions are required to allow for drying in between stages as it is impossible to handle him whilst wet.
Day 1: 10:00am until 4:00pm/5:00pm.
Day 2: Approximately 3/4 hours.
Day 3: Colouring, preferably no earlier than 3 days after finishing the sculpture.
The 3rd session is 2/3 hour colouring session once it is dry either later in the week or a week later. I am happy to run the colouring session in the evening.
If you are travelling some distance the best time we can make this sculpture because of handling in between stages is three days
2 persons minimum.