Inky Escapades

Inky Escapades

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Hopscotch Fabric Sculpted Hare Workshop

Full Day 9:00am until 5:00/6:00pm plus probably a 2/3 hour colouring session once it is dry. Minimum time frame is overnight. Next day or later in the week is fine and I am happy to run the colouring session in the evening.
I will lead you through the process step by step to create the armature, add the fabric and 
finally the colouring process which is always the Wow! factor in Powertex.

This workshop is in two sessions it is advisable to wait a day at least to finish the colouring to allow everything to dry thoroughly.

2 to 3 persons minimum.

Please note if you are not local it may be possible to fit in the colouring session in the same day if you are willing to start at 9am and have about 1 hour to 1 1/2 hour break whilst the Hare dries enough for the colouring to take place.

This does incur extra energy costs so the cost would be increased to £85 please contact me directly for this option.