Inky Escapades

Inky Escapades

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Enchantress Figure Workshop

Come and create this beautiful Enchantress or any other figure you fancy

You will be shown how to take wire and polystyrene spheres and a wooden pole and turn it into this beautiful figure using Powertex and Recycled Fabrics.

I will lead you through the process step by step to create the armature and then clothe it in fabric. Once dry we can colour creation and this is the most exciting bit!

No two will ever by the same.

Please note the head and shoulders are plaster moulds, you do not need to sculpt these and I will have several choices for you.

Also, please note that it is not possible to colour these on the same day because the fabric is so wet so you will need to come back to finish the colouring to ensure you do not damage your sculpture. Please book a 2 to 3 hour colouring session a few days later or to suit your schedule and no extra fee is necessary.

10:00am until approximately 5:00pm/6:00pm.